IndustryPack Module with DSP56167

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Block Diagram


DSPack-167 is a high-speed processor with lightning fast interrupt response times for I/O processing in real time. With an on-board Motorola DSP56167, DSPack-167 is ideal for processing telephony and voice-band signaling. It is a natural for fax and modem applications.

Hardware versatility is only part of the DSPack-167   solution to completing your modular I/O design. With the Motorola DSP56167 as its core, a wide variety of applications can be created to meet your needs.

The on-board DSP56167 can process interrupts in a few 60 MHz clock ticks, easily supporting sub-microsecond responses. You have the speed to do more!

It supports data acquisition and filtering, as well as data compression or decompression. Depending on the area of your applications, DSPack-167 features reduce the need for additional components or software, such a signal processing filters. With its small size (footprint 1.8"Wx3.9"L) you can attach multiple DSPack-167s to the target system's mother board or to expansions boards.

  • Use DSPack-167 with other IndustryPack compatible products on a standard host platform for rapid prototyping and development. Cut time to market and minimize new development costs.

  • After implementation, move the DSPack-167 and other IndustryPack compatible products to a customer target board.
    Net result: a custom hardware solution that is developed on a standard platform with standard building blocks.

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Whether located on the target system's mother board or an expansion card, DSPack-167 accesses several resources:

  • Two serial ports, an analog interface port, and a OnCE on the target system can be accessed via an IndustryPack expansion bus.

  • Access to IndustryPack I/O and DSP resources through a fast host interface.

  • Dedicated fast static RAM.

Domain Technologies offers SB-56K, multi-DSP OnCE/JTAG emulator, high performance software to meet your application needs. Test and debug applications with real-time performance and extensive display capabilities.

Both tools offer the development capabilities you expect:

  • Open system architecture compatible with the Motorola assembler, linker, and C compiler.

  • Set up to 128 software breakpoints. Also, you can step through or jump to instruction.

  • Symbolically edit stack, register, and memory values. With the in-line assembler, changing code is easy.

DSPack Block Diagram

DSPack_BlockDiagramNov.gif (8603 bytes)

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Part #: DP167-60M128K
        IndustryPack is a registered trademark of GreenSpring Computers.
        DSPack is a registered trademark of Domain Technologies, Inc.

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