Evaluation Board featuring ZSP 402ZX

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Brochure: dt402eb_br.pdf(676KB)
Users Guide:
dt402eb_ug.pdf (1271 KB)

Additional Documentation



Supplemental Hardware


Flash Initialization

Real-time File I/O


Key Features

  • ZSP 402ZX chip
  • 2 20-pin serial ports with SPORT pinout
  • 16 LED outputs controlled by CPLD
  • 256Kx16 Fast Asynchronous SRAM
  • 512Kx16 Flash ROM
  • 8 momentary-contact push button switches
  • 12.288MHz crystal clock oscillator
  • 3 26-pin ports for user signals
  • LCD Display
  • Integrated USB controller with JTAG, 16-bit HPI
  • JTAG headers for external JTAG emulator

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Improve the efficiency of your embedded software development for the ZSP400 core with the DT402EB. This advanced evaluation board provides access to all ZSP 402ZX peripherals and external memory.



Product Description

The DT402EB has an integrated JTAG emulator as well as a host port interface. It features an external programmable CPLD (Lattice LC4128V) containing an LCD controller, LED controller, and a 16-bit user I/O controller as well as a rotary switch for selection of the ZSP operating frequency. In addition, it has 2 built in serial port connectors and an external host port interface. The DT402EB has either an external power supply or utilizes the USB.

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 Package Contents:
  • Evaluation Board
  • USB cable
  • User's Guide with Application Notes

For information and files to modify the Flash ROM review zspflash .


Supplemental Hardware

This versatile evaluation board can be integrated with additional hardware from Domain Technologies to support audio and telephony testing:

  • Add a  DT4218DB audio daughterboard to create a 2 channel audio test system with stereo audio input and output
  • Add a DTSLIC2L telephony daughterboard to create a complete two-line VOIP demonstration system.
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