Dual Core DSP Evaluation Board 

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Brochure: dt56720eb_br.pdf
User Guide: dt56720eb_ug.pdf
Schematic: dt56720eb_a1_sch.pdf





Key Features

  • Dual DSP56720 Cores
  • 2 Cs42448 Codecs
  • 14- 3 mm Stereo Jacks
  • 12 LEDs
  • 8 DSP Boot Strap Mode Dip Switches
  • External JTAG Connector
  • External SPDIF Interface Header

 Sampling Rate:

  • 192 kHz - 8 kHz
  • Up to 24 Bit Samples

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Enhance your product development and testing using the DT56720EB dual core DSP evaluation board. The evaluation board provides access to the DSP cores through a JTAG emulator. The DT56720EB can also provide real time access to the DSP through the USB adapter mapped into the DSP external memory.


Product Description

The DT56720EB features a dual core DSP56720 with a total of 12 input channels and 16 output channels; 6 input and 8 output for each core. The board contains two Cirrus Logic Cs42448 CODECs, each with six 24-bit A/D and eight 24-bit D/A Converters. In addition, there is an optional local bus interface for real time access. There are 14- 3 mm stereo jacks, 12 LEDs, 8 dip switches for DSP bootstrap modes, and a header for the external SPDIF interface.

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Multiple evaluation boards could be daisy-chained to configure multi-DSP evaluation system. Example multi-DSP configuration is shown on the picture below:

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The evaluation board coule be connected to the host computer for real-time data transfer with the A3P-MRAM module, which plugs into the on-board socket, and is connected with the DSP56720 through the external memory interface.



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