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Brochure: dtvoip4s1d_br.pdf (303 KB)

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Use the DTVOIP4S1D development board, featuring ZSP 403LP, for efficient voice application development.




Key Features

  • ZSP 403LP chip
  • 4 SLIC line interfaces
  • 1 DAA interface
  • 128Kx16 Fast Asynchronous SRAM
  • 16.38 MHz crystal clock oscillator
  • 34-pin interface for the HPI-USB adapter
  • 32-pin interface for host processor connection
  • JTAG header for external JTAG emulator

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Your host processor and the DTVOIP4S1D daughterboard can interface with up to 4 telephony handsets and one PSTN connection, creating a complete four line demonstration platform for Voice Over IP. This board is also sold as part of the  DTZV4S1D Reference Design featuring the Micrel VoIP evaluation board

Product Description

Measuring 3.75 inches by 7.25 inches, the DTVOIP4S1D is designed around the ZSP 403LP chip.  It features three telephony devices from SIlicon Laboratories connected to Serial Port 0.  Two Si3220 chips provide a 4 channel SLIC interface allowing up to 4 telephones to be connected, each with independent CODEC, DTMF, Tone Generation, Zsynth, and line interface.  The Si3050 chip provides a PSTN interface with independent CODE, DTMF, Tone Generation, Zsynth, and line interface.

Four dedicated PIO lines of the ZSP provide the SPI to control daisy chained Si3050 and Si3220 devices.  Each Si3220 is fully programmable and has on-chip functions for DTMF generation/decoding, FSK caller ID generation, and modem tone detection help; in addition, its integrated test and line monitoring feature allows remote subscriber loop and line card diagnostics to be performed without centralized test equipment. Programmable internal ring generation is also provided.

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One Si3050 device provides a single line DAA circuit for connection to the telephony network.  An integrated 7.5V DC power supply is provided for voltage generation needed by the SLIC circuits. An optional JTAG header is available for debugging with external JTAG emulators.

The DTVOIP4S1D board can be used as a daughterboard to the host processor or can be connected to the host PC by the HPI-USB adapter. It is also sold as part of the DTZV4S1D Reference Design featuring the Micrel KS8695PX VoIP evaluation board.

Please note that the DTVOIP4S1D is for experimental use with appropriate laboratory grade telephone line simulators only. Connection to the federally regulated telephone company (TELCO) phone line or equipment is a mis-application of this product and is explicitly not authorized.



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