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Our products are a vital part of your company's DSP development infrastructure.  As a Freescale Alliance member, Domain Technologies provices debug tools, emulators, DSP Systems, libraries and interfaces to support your needs for both large and small projects.                                                                                              



Debug Tools




Domain Technologies offers several emulators to support efficient and convenient in circuit testing throughout your DSP development. All integrate well with Domain Technologies' BoxView high level language debugger and BoxServer to support even the most complex debugging scenarios.


High Performance USB JTAG/OnCE emulator


Multi-DSP emulator for Freescale and TI DSPs with USB Interface


USB JTAG/OnCE emulator


Multi-DSP emulator for Freescale DSPs

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Debug Tools

Domain Technologies' comprehensive debug tools enhance the control and interaction of debug sessions for small or large projects even with developers in different geographical locations. Such flexibility and scalability promotes the cost-effective use of both hardware and software resources.


BoxView is our High Level Language Debugger for Freescale digital signal processors. Interfaces well with our JTAG/OnCE emulators, our audio4 signal acquisition systems, and Freescale EVMs

BoxView IDE

Eclipse based IDE featuring embedded processor target debugger including BoxServer connectivity software


Provides debug connectivity for projects of multiple targets, multiple users, and/or remote TCP/IP access


High Level Language DSP target debugger for Windows. Currently bundled with Freescale EVM


Daisy chain up to 4 devices for synchronous debugging.  Multiple adapters can be combined


Emulation adapter for DSP56001.  Adapter has PGA pinout, for PQFP footprint required adapter from Emulation Technology : AS-PGA-QF03S-56001

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Boards and Adapters

Domain Technologies offers many boards and adapters to support your development needs. The Audio4-USB benefits applications requiring portable field based data acquisition and measurement while the DSPack-167 supports data acquisition and filtering along with data compression/ decompression.


4 channel audio processing system with DSP56311; features both CODECs on the same serial port and USB1.1 interface


4 channel audio processing system with DSP56321; features two CODECs on separate serial ports and USB1.1 interface


Daughter board for any Audio4 system.  Contains 4 pre-amplifiers for microphone circuit and bias voltage for electret microphones


Connects 4 separate mono inputs (line/miocrophone) to any Audio4 system


Inducstry Pack card with the Motorola 16-bit Digital Signal Processor and integrated audio CODEC; 60MHz DSP56167 and 128K words RAM


USB Host Port interface adaptor for DSP56307EVM and DSP56362EVM


USB Host Port interface adaptor for DSP56311EVM, DSP56L307EVM, and DSP56858EVM
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Windows utility for production programming of the on-chip Flash ROM for DSP56F8xx devices and off-chip for DSP563xx.  Supports all Domain Technologies JTAG emulators.


System for DSP56K Flash ROM production programming.  Includes USB-EMU configured in programming mode only (BoxView is not supported).

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