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The SB-USB2-ZA is your interface to embedded project development from CPU evaluation to production testing.  Debug multiple CPUs on a single JTAG scan chain with this ZSP/ARM development system.  Support different CPUs and DSPs (including ARM and ZSP) in plain or multi-core(SoC) targets through one package! This multi-core development environment provides a debug interface running on a PC host connected to an emulator, which communicates with the ZSP/ARM targets.

The package provides:

  • Domain's SB-USB2-ZSP JTAG Emulator
  • Domain's ZSP-QUAD-JTAG Adapter 
  • Signum System's Chameleon Debugger for ARM

*VeriSilicon's ZViewIDE is required.

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ZServer connectivity software, part of VeriSilicon's ZViewIDE, allows the two debuggers to share a single, SB-USB2-ZSP JTAG emulator. The SB-USB2-ZSP provides access to each processor core daisy chained on a single JTAG connection. ZViewIDE and Chameleon can run on the same or on separate computers; connectivity is provided via TCP/IP.




ZViewIDE Features:

        Project Management:

  • Project Dependencies
  • File Compile Options
  • Timesaving Edits

       Project Debugger:

  • Mix Source Views
  • Fast Data Access
  • Graphical Plots

       Evaluating Code Performance:

  • Pipeline Stages
  • Cycle Details
  • Grouping Rules

 ZServer Features:

       Scalable and Flexible:

  •  Single User, Single CPU
  •  Multiple Users and CPUs

       Conveniently Accessed:

  • Direct Connect
  • Remote via TCP/IP

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SB-USB2-ZSP Features:

  • 5 X Faster than Comparable Emulators
  • Powered by USB port
  • JTAG interface


  • Emulator Adapter for Max 4 Devices
  • Multiple Adapters Can Be Combined
  • 20 pin ARM cable
  • 2 14x14 ribbon cables
  • 2 14x10 ribbon cables

Signum System's Chameleon Features:

  • Hardware and Software Breakpoints
  • Step Into, Out, and Over
  • Macro Script Language
  • Virtual I/O
  • Real-TimeTrace(ETM)
  • Flash Programming Utilities
  • Registers and Peripherals Access



Signum System's Chameleon ARM Debugger

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Signum System's Chameleon offers the latest in debugger features regardless of the number of CPUs being debugged: fly-over variable watch, drag and drop variables, virtual I/O, real-time DCC channel support, complex variable implode and explode, script language for automatic testing, symbol browsing, ETM trace display window, MMU and cache support, and much more. Step-into, Step-out and Step-over modes are supported for both C and assembly levels. The Flash programming plug-in allows easy programming of any on-chip or off-chip Flash memory. Chameleon's unique graphical interface is quick, intuitive and incredibly easy to use.    

For more information on Chameleon see


ZViewIDE ZSP Development Environment

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VeriSilicon's ZViewIDE  allows programmers to create, test, and debug applications with fast data access and extensive display capabilities. Information is controlled and organized by interacting with the target ZSP through monitoring software or on-chip hardware circuitry. ZViewIDE's fast performance and extensive display capabilities include standard debugger actions like start/step/set breakpoint/halt as well as many custom features. ZViewIDE's visual user interface includes different numeric formats and graphical plots. Powerful editing capabilities enhance programmer control during development and debug cycles. Detail information for code performance evaluation is available including cycle details when cycle stepping or instruction stepping; views display expanded pipeline representation as well as rule information relative to the program counter. ZViewIDE includes ZServer Connectivity software. ZServer provides multi-core, multi-device access which allows users to start/stop/single-step selected devices independently.


ZServer Connectivity Software


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VeriSilicon's ZServer  seemlessly supports complex configurations such as debugging with multiple users, multiple CPU targets, or remote access. This multi-core, multi-device development capability allows the user to start/stop/single-step selected devices independently. Access to multiple devices is provided from single or multiple workstations via TCP/IP connection.


SB-USB2-ZSP Emulator

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Domain Technologies' SB-USB2-ZSP emulator enables efficient and productive embedded software debugging. This compact and portable probe utilizes the JTAG interfaces for debug and in-circuit testing. Unlimited software breakpoints within all ranges of program memory implemented in RAM are supported. Upload and download rates are up to 5 times faster than comparable products. 



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Domain Technologies' ZSP-QUAD-JTAG adapter is used in conjunction with VeriSilicon's ZViewIDE and ZServer connectivity software for simultaneous control of multiple devices.  The adapter and its cables are used to connect multiple devices on a single JTAG scan chain.

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