DSP56F8xx Flash Programming Utility

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Timing comparison

Supported Emulators


FLASH programming via high performance, JTAG/OnCE emulator for Freescale DSP 56xxxx; USB2 interface.


FLASH memory programming via SB-USB emulator universal serial bus 


FLASH programming via JTAG/OnCE emulator for Freescale DSP 56xxxx; USB interface.


FLASH memory programming via SB-56K emulator RS-232 serial port

PP-JTAG (obsolete)

FLASH memory programming via PP-JTAG printer port interface.  Obsolete; Replaced by the USB-EMU emulator.


The FLASH-56K is a stand-alone desk-top utility application  that can be used in combination with either the SB-USB, SB-56K or PP-JTAG emulators for production programming of the internal Flash memory of Freescale DSP56F8xx family DSPs.

FLASH-56K directly accepts both standard Motorola S-record and/or Code Warrior ELF format image files for programming of the DSp56F8xx DSP's internal flash memory.

A special Programmer options window allows the utility to be configured by the user to generate a log file, verify programmed flash memory, select the maximum JTAG TCK clock frequency, start and/or force a reset of the DSP after programming.

A Scan configuration window allows the user to add or delete up to 255 devices to the JTAG scan chain and to select which of the devices are to be programmed with the specified image file.  Within the Scan configuration window the user can also specify whether a given device is a DSP56800 or a generic device.  If generic, the JTAG IR register length is specified for a given device in the scan chain.  Devices added to the scan chain are depicted in the Scan configuration window with the device closet to the JTAG TDO pin listed at the top, and the device closet to TDI pin listed at the bottom.





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Timing comparison

Timing measurements were executed on the 500 MHz PIII PC running Windows 2000. Flash of the DSP56F805 device was programmed and verified with s-record file containing 6451 words to be stored into boot, program and data areas of the on-chip flash.

Interface TCK Verify Program Programming rate
SB-USB 8 MHz 0.32 s 1.64 s 3.8 KW/s
SB-USB 4 MHz 0.45 s 1.84 s 3.4 KW/s
SB-USB 2 MHz 0.76 s 2.22 s 2.8 KW/s
SB-USB 1 MHz 1.36 s 2.98 s 2.1 KW/s
SB-56K 2 MHz 1.23 s 3.14 s 2.0 KW/s
SB-56K 1 MHz 1.65 s 3.38 s 1.9 KW/s
PP-JTAG n/a 3.70 s 5.30 s 1.2 KW/s


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