High Performance USB JTAG/OnCE Emulator

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SB-USB - DSP Emulator

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Logic Analyzer

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The SB-USB2 emulator enables efficient and productive embedded software debugging for the DSP560xx, DSP561xx, DSP563xx, DSP5672x and the DSP568xx. Both compact and portable, it utilizes the JTAG and/or OnCE (On-Chip Emulation) protocols. This versatile probe supports several connector configurations: JTAG connection; up to 4 OnCE connections; or an individual JTAG and OnCE connection. In addition, the SB-USB2 supplies benchmark timers.

The SB-USB2 emulator ships with the BoxView debugger and BoxServer connectivity software.  When used with the BoxView  debugger, the SB-USB2 provides access to the JTAG device's boundary scan functionality (BSDL file required). Boundary scan operations enable non-intrusive monitoring of the target device pins, even while the target device is executing its own application code. The SB-USB2 emulator can program external flash memory devices either boundary scan, or direct DSP access.

When used with BoxView and BoxServer connectivity software, the SB-USB2 emulator can be used for multi-core and/or multi-device development when the JTAG devices are properly connected within the same JTAG scan chain. This development capability allows simultaneous start/stop/single-step for multiple devices; BoxServer provides access via TCP/IP connection.

SB-USB2 features integrated 40 MHz Logic Analyzer. This feature allows for signal monitoring and advanced trigerring. Any of the not used emulator's pins can be used also as an output. Please refer to SB-USB2 Custom Resets.

With optional adapter it can control independently up to 4 OnCE devices. Each OnCE controller provides separate benchmark timer for each device. Also each OnCE device can be selected for the advanced triggerring - it can be stopped as a result of the detected condition by the integrated logic analyzer.

For multi-DSP target boards with JTAG devices, each DSP can have dedicated reset line. The SB-USB2 can use any of the not assigned signals as a source of the reset.

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The SB-USB2 probe is powered by the USB connection, making it ideal for use by notebook computers or lab environments. In addition, it can detect whether or not the device has power, and can also supply up to 200mA of power to the target device. The emulator provides benchmark timers: for the OnCE connection, the negative pulse coming over DSO stops the timer; for the JTAG connection, the -DE signal stops the timer. A flexible ribbon cable provides the JTAG or OnCE interfaces with several supported configurations: 2 JTAG (primary and secondary connector); 2 OnCE (primary and secondary connector); or a single JTAG and OnCE connection.

OnCE Connector Pinouts:

JTAG Connector Pinouts:


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Upload and Download Rate

The following comparison illustrates the execution of a memory upload and download in kwords/second, for Domain Technologies' JTAG emulators using BoxView debugger with DSP56311 target running at 150 MHz. TCK rate set to 10 MHz, except PP-JTAG and USB-EMU, which do not support variable TCK frequency. Windows XP, 3 GHz Pentium.








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